AI/ML used in innovative elevator development

AI/ML used in innovative elevator development
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Our client is ZREMB, a leader in the elevator industry. They specialize in modernizing elevators from the world’s top manufacturers by using and introducing the latest technologies. The client’s vision is to offer contactless, automatic devices to revolutionize elevator use. 


The design of elevators has stayed the same for many years. Until now, they have been viewed as machines for moving people without additional services. What was needed was a transformation in how elevators are used to create a more personalized experience for residents. 

The client chose to work with us to develop AI/ML algorithms to achieve its business and social goals.  


We analyzed the client’s business needs during the project development stage to optimize solutions.  

Project Features: 

  • Built a database to develop advanced predictive algorithms for the client. 
  • Based the software algorithms on computer vision technology.  
  • Anonymized the data used for the personalized experience. 
  • Verified the software through testing during the implementation stage. 


The client was satisfied with the implementation of the project. Positive features of our software development cooperation include: 

  • Cyclical meetings to coordinate the project, allowing for information exchange and progress checks.  
  • Delivery of the MVP within the estimated timeframe and budget, with immediate corrections as needed.  
  • Clear and specific communication. 
  • Support during the implementation phase. 
  • Our commitment to the project. 

This innovative project led to the Martha Elevator winning the PropTech Festival 2022 award as one of the top three technology solutions for real estate. 

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