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/ 13.05.2024 Artificial Intelligence

8 Popular Machine Learning Algorithms for Predictive Modeling 

Have you ever wondered how companies can accurately predict future trends and behaviors? The answer lies in the potential of machine learning algorithms in predictive analytics.  Machine learning is revolutionizing the way we analyze data and make informed decisions—from predicting stock prices to detecting fraudulent activity.   In this article, we will focus on basic ML […]
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/ 22.01.2024 News, Business

2023 at a glance – what happened at VM software house from a business, travel, awards and events perspective

The year 2023 in our software development company was a time filled with challenges, numerous journeys, focused on the development of our employees, and abundant, and interesting corporate events. We underwent a demanding ISO certification process, became laureates of prestigious awards recognized worldwide, initiated new and exciting business projects, and shared knowledge with others during […]
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