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Our cooperation with queo has been going on since March 2022 and we are currently working on three projects. It’s worth noting that the client has huge confidence in us – we work directly with queo’s end clients, and we’re also involved in the process of implementing individual applications for end clients. We are proud of our knowledge and involvement, which ensure that both our clients and the end clients receive high-added value.

The challenge we faced at the beginning was the need to understand the project of every end client, as well as get to know how the processes occur in each company. An example of an activity in this regard is the need to establish distinctive vocabulary used by a given company for a specific project.

The next challenge is the reverse engineering process, which means updating older software. Here, it is key to understand the previous version of the software and to design a new version using new technologies.



We’re currently working on three projects, the main of which is in the R&D sector, while the remaining two are in the automotive and geodetic industries. In the projects, we’re involved in the full life cycle of the software – from talking with the end client and preparing documentation to developing and implementing solutions.

The R&D project is our main area, and this is where we focus most of our activities. We’re preparing two pieces of software for our client related to OLED production – design and execution software. We are also updating the current software.

The automotive project is aimed at creating software enabling the client to manage the process of delivering products to its customers. The geodetic project involves developing software for operating devices used for seismic measurements.

Currently, as part of our cooperation with queo, the VM.PL team is represented by one developer. He is a full member of the client’s team and is involved in the entire group work process.

Our cooperation with the client is excellent, and we particularly value our good relationship with the client’s Project Manager. To date, we’ve met with the client at the client’s headquarters, and we’re planning further meetings. There’s a mutual desire for direct contact, which we’re very happy about.



The results of our cooperation are already visible, depending on the project and application. Some of the applications have already been launched successfully. In addition, two update packages in the application for the R&D project are ready.

We’re receiving a lot of positive feedback, which proves that the client and end clients are satisfied in both technical and communication matters.

We’re very happy with the results of our cooperation to date, and we’re grateful for the trust that the client has placed in us. We hope to see our cooperation grow, and are looking forward to new, interesting challenges.




Queo is both an agency and supplier of programming services. Over 170 of the company’s employee design and implement brand communications, campaigns, websites and portals, as well as individual software solutions.

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