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Back-end solution, Front-end solution
Production / Food industry
Düsseldorf, Germany
Team Outsourcing
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Time & Materials
May 2019 - May 2020


Mindsquare, which develops customised solutions and provides consulting services in the SAP and Salesforce environments, needed support for further development of one of their ongoing projects.
The project concerned the expansion of the existing production process management platform for about 150 persons for one of their customers from the food industry.
The system was to be developed based on the Salesforce environment and its aim was to ensure that users can carry out the entire process easily and effectively.
To this end, the company was looking for an experienced Salesforce programmer who would fit into their idea not only technically but also mentally.
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In February 2019, the management board of mindsquare asked us about the possibility of finding a team for the project with the technical competencies they require. We had been in contact with the company for a long time, meeting and discussing new opportunities for cooperation from time to time.

In a short time after the inquiry, we were able to find a programmer fitting the profile of a Salesforce specialist and who, as it turned out, met the customer’s requirements.

Our developer joined the project in May 2019. In the initial stage of software development, the developer was in a team with the Project Manager, a consultant, as well as a second programmer and an architect from the customer’s side. Six months after the start of work, the developer was the sole person responsible for system creation, remaining the only programmer working on the project.


What are we doing?

  • Adapting the Salesforce platform to customer requirements
  • Migration of modules based on Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning
  • Recommending new solutions


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The work on the project was completed in May 2020, one year after its launch. During this time, together with the customer’s team, we were able to transfer all modules from the old version of Salesforce Classic to the new Salesforce Lightning.

In addition, we have extended the existing platform with new functionalities that support all levels of production: from invoicing through orders, product development and pricing, to sales, marketing and contact with the end customer.

Thanks to this, mindsquare has gained a platform which allows them to react faster and interact with their customers. All this will reduce the time from sales quotations to actual sales.

Our programmer’s testimony and work ethics resulted in the fact that despite the completion of the project, the cooperation between our companies continues. Our developer remains involved in various smaller projects on the customer’s side.


From the customer

“VM.PL delivered more than expected, their developer did an outstanding job not only from the technical side but also from the personal.”

Thorsten Winkels
Thorsten Winkels
Head of Nearshoring / Resourcing Manager, mindsquare AG


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A consulting company based in Bielefeld, supporting its customers in solving problems and developing individual IT solutions. They help develop the SAP environment and support customers in all aspects of Salesforce: implementation, support, customisation of the system, etc.

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