A year full of challenges in IT Corner − membership in the board

/ 16.04.2019 News

A year has passed since Łukasz Borzęcki – our company’s CEO, became a member of the  ITCorner’s board. This is a society which unites people connected with the new technologies market of Lower Silesia. Its main goal is to strengthen the communication between small and medium-sized companies which want to create innovative IT projects.

During this time, Łukasz has been actively participating in the board’s activities, being in charge of finding new members (13 new companies have joined) who have brought in valuable knowledge and fresh ideas to IT Corner. He performs a similar function in VM.PL, where he finds valuable employees who believe in what we do and stay with us for longer.

Łukasz has also organised many meetings which focused on the exchange of knowledge between people in the IT branch, where everyone could share their experiences and methods on how to run a business. The goal of the meetings was to inspire and encourage action.

Łukasz has been asked to talk about VM.PL’s history during the ITC Summit 2019 and explain how we managed to establish ourselves in the German market. He was one of several speakers who will share their knowledge with 300 entrepreneurs from every corner of Poland.

But the growing company needed more and more of the CEO’s time and attention. Łukasz had to take care of the recruitment process for the society and at the same time concentrate on the activities for his own company. Therefore, he was forced to take a difficult decision and thus he resigned from his membership of IT Corner’s board. This decision was not an easy one for either side, but Łukasz has met with the complete understanding of the board who know perfectly well how much of a responsibility having your own business on the market actually is.

However, Łukasz doesn’t want to part ways with IT Corner forever. In the future, he plans on returning to the society to again to take an active part in its inspiring activities. For now, Łukasz remains a member of the society and he’ll continue to support it for as long as he can.

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