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Bochum, Germany
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from September 2017


Our long-term client had been preparing language exams in the traditional way – paper. Recently, due to the widespread digitization and changes in the expectations of recipients, the association decided to modernize its model of operation. Thus, they endeavoured to develop a digital examination platform for their products.

Implementation of the comprehensive system required experienced Java programmers. To meet this need and thereby ensure satisfactory progress of the long-term project, g.a.s.t. extended the search for specialists outside of Germany. Eventually, they decided to cooperate with our company.

In addition to high technical competences, the decisive selection criteria were our good knowledge of German language as well as many years of experience in creating similar products. In our Portfolio, we have projects such as digital diagnostic systems for Polish clients (including New Era and Pearson).


In a short time, we were able to assemble a qualified team of programmers specializing in Java, JavaScript and Angular 8 technologies, which exactly matched the client’s requirements.

In September 2017 we started our cooperation with g.a.s.t. Together with the developers from Bochum we are working on a platform for developing, implementing and evaluating tests to check the level of language skills electronically. At the same time, we are also developing other digital educational products for the client – an e-learning platform for learning German.

Additionally, during the project, we support the client in initiating and implementing a number of improvements to technological solutions in their software.

What we are doing

  • Development of a comprehensive system for creating and editing digital tasks
  • Support for the further development of the E-Learning Deutsch-Uni-Online (DUO) platform
  • Advice and assistance in introducing new technologies in the software development process
  • Taking over tasks related to quality assurance while creating the software of the delivered code – unit and integration tests, code review
  • Organization of business trips and project meetings
  • Technological improvement
    • Updated version of Spring framework
    • Replacing the frontend in jQuery with the Angular framework
    • Moving all repositories from SVN version control to git
    • Implementation of microservices architecture


Thanks to cooperation with us, g.a.s.t. has managed to achieve the intended goals of the project so far and has a guarantee of further stable development.

The rich experience and commitment of our team allowed the client to work more flexibly and implement new solutions in their products.

The system of examination which we created  will automate the entire work of the association, and for examinees the whole process will be more convenient. At the same time, additional digital educational products developed by us will provide users with a higher quality of language learning.

Moreover, an important result of the cooperation is also our team’s proposition of specific online tools for communication between teams. Developing habits of dynamic teamwork with the use of these tools has allowed the teams to be well prepared for remote work, online meetings and instant information exchange.


Numerous technological innovations which have been introduced thanks to our support, have improved the work of the entire g.a.s.t team.

The implementation of numerous upgrades of the technology versions used has allowed for the standardization of the software development process between various client applications. This has helped unify their entire work environment and has increased the efficiency of activities of teams of developers.

In addition, the introduction of newer and more common frameworks allows the client to oversee of the quality of the application much more effectively by conducting unit tests and end-to-end tests. Moreover, they accelerate recruitment, which significantly improves the application development process.

Moreover, the implementation of microservices architecture allows for better calibration of application performance and accelerates the process of implementation into the production environment.


From the customer

“Thanks to open and direct communication, our project is developing dynamically. We particularly value the skills of VM.PL programmers who successfully support our team with their knowledge and experience. We recommend VM.PL as a trustworthy partner who not only implements planned projects, but also provides professional support in the selection and assessment of new technologies.”

Duy Nguyen
Duy Nguyen
Head of IT, g.a.s.t .e.V.



Gesellschaft für Studienvorbereitung und Testentwicklung e. V. (g. a. s. t.) offers internationally recognized tests, which are aimed at foreign students and demonstrate knowledge of the German language (TestDaF, onSET) as well as determining suitability for research (TestAS).

In addition, they also run Deutsch-Uni Online (DUO) as a digital learning platform.

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