/ You will find us in Wrocław!

Wrocław is one of the leading, fastest-growing cities in the IT industry in Poland.
Tens of thousands of people find employment in the new technology industry, and each year thousands of students graduate from Wrocław universities in IT and related fields.

In addition to Polish companies, many international corporations who play a large role in the IT market development have their headquarters in the city.

Thanks to this, we have excellent access to a highly developed community of highly able developers. We can recruit them to our teams within a short time, and thus quickly engage them in new projects.

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Close relationships with our customers are the most important thing for us, which is why we often travel.

Every time our partners want to meet us to talk in person, we are ready to visit them - either as part of a business meeting, project or programmer team management. Each of our cars does a minimum of 80,000 km in one year!

Central location in Europe


150 km from Germany

Wrocław is located in the very centre of Europe, only 150 km from the German border, which allows us to easily reach every city in Germany, as well as other nearby countries by car.

300 m to the main station

Our office in Wrocław is also only 300 metres from the main bus and train station.

This provides a convenient transport connection with other nearby and slightly further-afield cities in Poland and Europe (e.g. Berlin, Frankfurt, Dresden, Leipzig, Prague).

Convenient air connections

Thanks to many regular and inexpensive air connections, we can also quickly and conveniently reach our customers in further-off parts of Europe.

From Wrocław, we can fly directly to German cities: Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Dortmund and Düsseldorf, as well as other major European cities, including Zurich, Brussels, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, London and Paris.

We kindly invite everyone to visit us in our office in the centre of Wrocław!