Project outsourcing

/ Implementation of a comprehensive IT project

If you want to create completely new software or modify an existing system - we can do it!

We have a qualified and experienced team of IT specialists who are ready to quickly define your expectations and undertake the implementation of your project while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Depending on your needs - we can implement a project for you based on the documentation provided, or we would conduct a workshop to find out what exactly you would like to do.

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Our team of IT specialists:

  • Programmers (front-end, back-end)
  • IT systems architects
  • Quality Assurance specialists
  • UX designers - Quality Assurance specialists
  • Software Engineers
  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters
  • Why choose Project
    Outsourcing with us?


    Dedicated team

    We provide a team with skills and experience to meet the requirements of your project as closely as possible.

    The team would be available for as long as required to successfully implement the project.


    For implementation, we provide you with exactly the number of team members needed for the project.

    We would take care of the project as if it were our own, thanks to which we ensure you the best possible business efficiency.

    Full responsibility

    We always have a comprehensive approach to software creation, implementing the project from the beginning to the end.

    During the implementation, we take on all the responsibility: from the selection of technology and design, through product development and testing, to implementation and maintenance after its delivery.

    High quality of the code

    Our approach to work is characterised by exceptional care for the quality of the code.

    We always pay special attention to creating automated tests and employ Quality Assurance specialists in our Scrum teams.

    Our model of operation

    We always try our best to get to know you and the system you want to implement. Together, we can build a vision of working on the project and end user profiles for you. Here is our typical operating process before starting a project.

    First meeting

    Before starting the cooperation, we arrange a meeting to obtain preliminary information about the project.

    Non-Disclosure Agreement

    Then we sign Non-Disclosure Agreements to make your ideas and know-how really safe.

    Presentation of the project assumptions

    You present us your business idea or, if available, functional documentation for the desired product.

    Initial cost estimation

    After presenting the initial assumptions of the project, we thoroughly analyse this, evaluate its cost and the likely work schedule.

    Preparation of a functional design

    If you do not have a functional design yet, our specialists can conduct workshops with you, which will result in a detailed description of what you need.

    Work schedule and cost

    After providing us with a full functional design (or after it has been developed by us), we would prepare a list of issues and suggest the priority of their implementation.

    Then we plan the appropriate technology and provide a team which is able to prepare the project for you. You would also be given a rough budget that allows you for possible optimisation of the project scope.

    Commencement of works

    The last stage is mutual acceptance of the established assumptions, building the development team and starting cooperation.

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    Of course, each order requires a different approach, which is why our operation process is always tailored to the individual needs and suggestions of our customers.

    Our practices

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    Regular communication and meetings

    We know from experience that the key to the final success in cooperation is direct and frequent communication. We ensure regular conversations and meetings with you during the project.

    We want you to have the most up-to-date knowledge about the progress of the work and to be able to specify its shape on an ongoing basis as it develops.

    Provision of the PO

    We can provide you with a Product Owner who takes responsibility for the business part of the project.

    He would consult all the more difficult decisions with you and make sure that the schedule is kept. We also work with POs who are native speakers.

    Remote management

    During the cooperation, we give you access to the JIRA project management software, thanks to which you would be able to check on an ongoing basis at what stage individual tasks are being carried out.

    Convenient payment model

    Our cooperation with our partners is based on the most convenient and flexible payment model, Time & Material.

    You only pay for the hours actually worked. We cover the costs of leave and absences of our employees.

    Many years of experience

    Over several decades, we have successfully completed a number of comprehensive IT projects for customers from Poland and Germany from various industries, including:





    / Diagnostic systems, digitization of textbooks


    Publishing house

    / Systems for managing the publishing plan and royalties


    Industrial Engineering

    / Systems for remote management of industrial devices, optimising the production processes of enterprises








    IT Services & Consulting



    / Finance industry

    Owing to the fact that we offer our products to other customers and we also use external resources for their production, we know what is important in mutual cooperation for our customers.