Team outsourcing

/ IT project implementation support - our specialists will join your team.

If your project has already been launched (or you plan to launch a new one), but there is a need to increase the number of team members, we will be happy to help.

Our qualified and experienced programmers can join your team within a short time to support its implementation.

Each project is started on the customer's side. Later on, we take care of frequent regular visits to our partners. Such a model of cooperation ensures the successful implementation of even the most demanding project.

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Why choose Team
Outsourcing with us?


Dedicated team of specialists

For the implementation of the project, we will provide you with a team of the best possible developers (technical skills, experience, language knowledge) to meet the project requirements.

You don't have to worry about selecting a team - we'll take care of finding the best possible people.



During our cooperation, we provide you with full flexibility. We are able to provide you with as many programmers as you need and they can work for you as long as you need them to.

Thanks to this solution, you can significantly increase the capacity of your projects.


Frequent visits

Our model of cooperation is based primarily on frequent visits to the customer's office. Thanks to this, our team has the opportunity to better implement the project - learn its architecture and meet your team.

This solution ensures the successful course of the project and its more effective results.

Our model of operation

The method depends on a given project and an individual customer’s needs. Our standard cooperation with partners based on the Nearshoring model is described below. Although these are not strict rules, we really enjoy working in this way.

team_office (1)

1. Before starting

Identification of needs and specifications of the project

At the beginning, we would discuss with you the methods of our cooperation and which techniques you would like to implement.

Then we try to get to know your company, team members and the project itself - all relations and architecture as well as your expectations.

Team building process

Before starting the project, you have the opportunity to meet the people who would be working with you.

The process of building a team for your project takes an average of 2 to 4 months (depending on the number of people needed). Such a period allows us to thoroughly analyse the market.

During the entire process, we focus on checking both the hard and soft skills of candidates. As a result, you can be sure that we can find specialists best suited to the requirements and specificity of the project.

Planning of the works

After the implementation period, we plan with the customer which of the listed items, in which order and when they would like them to be introduced within the project.

If necessary, we can also help with the implementation and training of employees.

2. Proper course of work on the project

Joint launch of the project

We are present in your office at the time of launching the project. Our goal is to introduce you to the team in person and to meet the rest of the people working on the project.

During the visit, our programmers also carefully learn the specification and documentation of the project.


Our typical workflow is transparent. Our team works on all tasks using Jira or other software.

We also use Git so you can review the lines of code carefully at any time. Code review is also a practice which we frequently apply. In order to support the implementation of the project, we can also provide you with a Product Owner.

stala_komunikacja (1)
Constant communication

Daily calls are made with your team to update the project status. We usually communicate via Skype, Hangouts or another messenger.

Our practice is to provide our entire team with a room with a permanent video connection.

Regular meetings

We know that direct relationships are important in cooperation, so from the very beginning we prepare a fixed schedule of our team's visits to your office.

We plan regular meetings at least once a month (usually during a planning session) to make your work stable and efficient.

Visits on demand

We understand that sometimes it is not possible to solve an issue remotely. In such a case, we are ready to visit you immediately at your premises.

We are also open to visits in our office - our partners are always welcome!

Providing a Customer Success Manager

During the project, we accompany you at every stage, sharing our knowledge acquired at work with dozens of other customers.

Constant support is provided to you by our qualified Customer Success Manager, who is responsible for making our cooperation as successful as possible.


Of course, each project requires a slightly different approach, so we are always open to discussions and possible changes in the above model of operation.

Our priority is long-term cooperation and we make every effort to ensure that a proven team works with you unchanged for as long as you require.

Our practices


Project development support

The most important thing for us is the stability of the project and the system being developed.

If we know that it is not at risk, our qualified IT specialists are also happy to help you in the selection and implementation of new technologies in the project.

High quality of the code

Our approach to work is characterised by exceptional care for the quality of the code.

We always pay special attention to creating automated tests and employ Quality Assurance specialists in our Scrum teams.

Long-term cooperation

Our goal is always to develop long-term cooperation with our partners.

Thanks to this approach, we can build good relationships with customers based on mutual trust, which in turn has a positive effect on the course and efficiency of work on projects.

Convenient pay

The cooperation with our partners is based on the most convenient and flexible payment model, Time & Material.

You only pay for the hours actually worked. We cover the costs of leave and absences of our employees.

Many years of experience

In recent years our activity has been focused particularly strongly on Team Outsourcing in the European (mainly German) market.

Over the years, we have successfully helped, through our teams, to develop IT projects for customers from various industries, e.g.:





/ Diagnostic systems, digitization of textbooks



/ Vehicle fleet management software



/ Systems for optimisation, production management, precise semiconductor measurements








IT Services & Consulting



/ Finance industry

Our previous successes and high efficiency in cooperation with customers in the Team Outsourcing model allow us to develop dynamically.

However, our greatest satisfaction is the increasing number of positive reviews from our partners who are satisfied with working with us based on these methods.