Why we hire German-speaking senior-IT developers

/ 29.07.2021 News

The IT business is an international one: many companies in Germany employ multinational developer teams who usually communicate in English. No wonder we are often asked: “Why is it so important for you that your IT specialists speak German?”.

It cannot be done without knowing German!

The answer is quite simple: Because it is important for our clients in Germany. Despite English being taught as the first foreign language in all schools across Germany, it is understandable that our clients’ employees feel much more comfortable communicating in their mother tongue. They are very happy to be able speak German with our developers. This also brings many advantages for the company: clear communication ensures that projects are delivered faster and misunderstandings, which may prove to be costly later on, are avoided right from the get-go. Our developers’ knowledge of German allows for much more in-depth advice on each project. This means that you can sit down at the table with the client and users and contribute your know-how already at the functionality planning stage. Another advantage: documentation, content from tools like Jira etc. do not have to be translated in advance, which brings our clients further cost and time savings.

And why only senior developers?

In addition to the mastery of the German language, the second important criterion for us is sufficiently long experience. Our clients expect us to deliver the best possible results – this cannot be achieved with beginners. After all, we introduce new solutions and implement them – not only at the technological but also methodological level. Case studies available on our website confirm that this solution worked perfectly in the past. Only senior developers, who have worked on similar IT projects for many years, are able to offer our partners such a comprehensive support in software engineering. This also contributes to the project being delivered quicker. Competent and experienced developers are able to quickly get into any project. They have a better understanding of the client’s business processes, which allows them to propose solutions that bring significant added value to the business.

That is why we always manage to find the right employees

Our location in Wrocław is very beneficial for us when it comes to recruiting. Many international companies have settled here, such as Google, Nokia, Capgemini, Credit Suisse and OSB. Result: an active and highly competent development scene that we can draw from for our teams. We are also a member of ITCorner, an association of nearly 100 Wrocław IT companies. Thanks to this, we have direct access to almost 2,000 IT specialists. During recruitment, we carefully analyse the technical and linguistic skills of candidates so that they can meet the high project requirements of our clients.

This is what we do to meet the high requirements of our clients

With our creed of only employing German-speaking senior developers, we have set the bar very high for the benefit of our clients. That is why we do everything in our power to not only maintain unrivalled quality – both on the linguistic and technical level – but also to constantly strive to achieve even more stringent standards. All our employees, not only IT specialists, learn German. To this end, we hired a total of four German teachers, three of whom are native speakers. Now, 75% of our employees know German at least at B1 level; our goal is 100%. For software development companies looking to survive in an ever-changing market, there is really only one option: give clients exactly what they need. And this certainly includes the support of experienced experts who speak the same language. Therefore, our decision to only employ German-speaking developers has made VM.PL a desirable partner for German companies and we will diligently follow this path also in the future.
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