2022 Summary

2022 through the eyes of VM.PL – a brief summary of our business approach and results

/ 09.02.2023 News

In 2022 we managed to achieve great business results and we want to share with you a bit of what we’ve accomplished in the past year.

Our growth in numbers 

In the past year, we continued an increase in our financial results. Solely in 2022, we managed to increase our income by 237% and the revenue by 75%, which was only a consequence of the implemented growth plan, and the ability to meet the market demands. Such success was noticed by the Polish financial magazine: Puls Biznesu which awarded us a Business Gazelles 2022. VM.PL was in 24th place in the Dolnoślaskie Voivodeship and 273rd in the main ranking, which placed us among small and medium-sized companies that have noted steady growth in the past 3 years. More on that you may read in our LinkedIn post. Meeting the project’s requirements, acquiring new businesses, and as a result, growing so steadily would not be possible without employing new talents. In 2022 we’ve welcomed 77 new people for the roles of software developers, Customer Success Managers, and a variety of back-office positions. This resulted in reaching over 200 people on board! With such a great team we are more than ready for the upcoming challenges.

VM on the road 

As you already know, VM’s headquarters is located in Wrocław. However, we work from anywhere, as the majority of our specialists chose the hybrid or completely remote form of work. It results in an extended source of the talent pool and a more flexible approach to the projects. We make sure to stay in touch with all of them, not only via daily online meetings but by regular visits to celebrate successes or for team-building events. The same rule applies to our current and potential clients. We drove hundreds of kilometers for personal meetings to make sure that the requirements are understood correctly, and to build strong cooperation with our clients and their teams. We go the extra mile to build mutual trust. As a result, only in the past year, we traveled to Bonn, Chemnitz, Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris, Marseille, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Saarbrücken, Göttingen, Gerlingen, and Pula. However, business meetings were not the only reasons for us to get in the car. In order to expand our knowledge of the market, new sectors, or technologies we participated in a number of conferences, e.g. in Munich, Linz, Amsterdam, or Cracow. The events were a great chance for our developers and business representatives to expand their knowledge and do some networking.

Projects overview 

95% of our existing projects are dedicated to German-speaking clients. Thanks to having vast experience in working with DACH-based companies, we are able to provide them with a deep understanding of their problems, and as a result, with tailor-made services, whenever it is software development, management of the legacy code or simply advising on the best options for their business. The list of sectors we delivered projects in includes industrial engineering, medical, logistics, education, semiconductors, production, and publishing. For more information go to our case studies. We were responsible for software modernization, system migrations, user experience, and creating new systems that replaced the legacy code and fit the client’s needs perfectly.

VMteam’s development

We’ve always put professional development high in the priorities. That’s why we make sure that our team has a chance to improve their technical knowledge as well as language skills. The outcome of such an approach is 73% of our developers and Customer Success Managers actively upgrade their language skills through dedicated classes. 48% of them already speak German at an advanced level. As you may have noticed, 2022 was a year of growth in every aspect of our company. Nevertheless, we strive for more and hope to see even better results at the end of 2023.
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