Another online meetup organised by VM.PL – this time in German

/ 24.08.2020 News

We invite you to our fourth online meetup. For the first time in German. We want to show that we are specialists both in modernizing our customers' solutions and pay attention to the German language in the IT industry.

For two years now, we have been successfully organizing German language courses for representatives of the IT industry, and since March, we have been inviting our partners to conduct meetups together. Both the course and the online meetups with the audience gather positive reviews, so we decided to combine these two initiatives.

On September 3, together with partners from the DC Group, Dariusz Czajka and Paweł Skadorwa, we will talk about the deploymen oft a scalable WordPress environment with AWS Elastic Container Service. The meeting will be held through the Zoom application, and a link to the event can be found a few days earlier on our Facebook, Xing and LinkedIn.

Come join us!

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Jakub Orczyk

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