Clutch reviews are flowing in. This time from SYSTEMA GmbH.

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About our client

SYSTEMA GmbH is a Dresden-based company that specializes in industrial solutions. For almost 30 years, they’ve helped hundreds of businesses reach new heights with system integrations, custom software, extensions, and consulting. Their current focus is delivering solutions for Industry 4.0. 

Software development special forces 

Our partnership started in July 2018, when SYSTEMA was looking for an agency to support them with ongoing software development. Particularly, they needed experts in system architecture, Java, .NET, and product testing. During the project, we’ve also used Angular, Selenium, QF-Test, and different script languages. As members of a larger project team, we’ve worked on a massive, complex system. 

Throughout the project, SYSTEMA gradually needed more developers and other staff members. So, of course, we’ve responded to their needs with new hirings, and we’ve made sure new people will have sufficient skills. According to the Clutch review, we’ve managed to do it pretty well. 

“During our cooperation, we’ve asked a few times for more developers for our different projects. New people hired by VM were always very well trained and very approachable.”

What exactly helped us receive a perfect 5/5 score?

The client praised our communication skills, efficient workflow, competent staff, and the ability to deliver quality results even faster than expected. 

“ colleagues are doing a great job and helping us develop the system in a shorter timeframe.”

We’ve also got some extra points for our attention to detail and the ability to see potential bottlenecks and shortcomings even before the client.

We’re ready for the next chapter(s)

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients’ businesses thrive, so reading such a summary makes our hearts warm:

“Most impressive is the way they are working with us. They are fully interested in our success.”

We are super grateful for all the kind words, and we’re ready for all new challenges.

You can read the full review here:

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