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/ 12.02.2020 News

Recently we have started a brand new project for Welotec from Laer. This is a company we have been working with for a long time now. They specialize in developing products and systems in the field of industrial communication and automation. As part of our cooperation we have already succeeded in creating for the client a system for remote management of routers and industrial equipment. The details of this project are described in the Case Study. Thanks to the successful results of our team’s efforts so far, Welotec have decided to extend their cooperation with us onto a completely new project. This time our task is to create a new company website. In December last year we visited our client in their office to take part in dedicated workshops. It allowed us to get to know the exact needs and assumptions of the project. The main goal of the new website is to improve the user navigation experience and increase its intuitiveness. We want to add that we invited a befriended digital agency mohi.to to cooperate on this project. We are really happy that we can work together to achieve the goal. So far, we have made a trial design, which has been accepted by the client. The next step is preparing a mock-up of the whole website and the final graphic design. The project should be ready around the middle of this year. We are looking forward to the final results of our work!
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