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/ 08.09.2019 PHP

The German language in the IT industry is usually unappreciated even though it gives so many opportunities.

The best examples are our employees who attend German lessons during their work with pleasure, in order to be able to contact our clients and participate in trips to Berlin, Dresden or Hannover. Knowledge of a language not only provides confidence in maintaining business communication but also broadens the spectrum of career opportunities that await people who speak in more languages than only English.

That is why we are starting with another, even better and even bigger edition of the open German language courses at VM.PL.

We have listened to all the remarks of previous participants and we assure you that we have followed the comments. This time we are organising more groups and introducing more professional vocabulary. However, the biggest attraction is going to be a contest in which the best student will win an intensive German course in Berlin or Wroclaw!

We are starting yet in October! For all the information related to the registration and new conditions of the course, please visit and with all the questions please write at

We cordially invite you to participation!

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