How to build your microservice for 0 downtime deployment on k8s?

/ 18.10.2018 News

We would like to cordially invite you on yet another meetup organised by VM.PL!

This time we invited a special guest star – Wojtek Barczyński, trainer, WSB and Kozminski Universities lecturer, Lead Tech Developer w SMACC, who will reveal to us why k8s is his weapon of choice.

Wojtek will be talking about microservices and their connection to Kubernetes. You will find out how to start to create a network of microservices from scratch and familiarize yourselves with the strategies of deployment the new version of the service. Live coding will be done in Golang and Python.

Like always we bring the best craft beer and pizza in town. We know it’s how we learn best !

You can still save your sit here:

By the way, we have decided to make it official and created our own Meetup group for this and future events. You find us under the top secret name that showcases what we are all about – Pizza&Tech. Join in to get the first insiders intel on our next epic events!:

See you soon in VM.PL

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