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/ 27.05.2021 News

W’ve decided to prepare a short Java course summary, which included a series of three 6-hour meetings. It was an initiative aimed at supplementing or gaining new knowledge. In both cases, the assumption was to help developers get closer to the Senior Developer level. The training was run by Michal Michaluk – a passionate programmer, trainer and consultant of Bottega IT Minds.

The course was divided into three modules. During the first one participants got acquainted with the division of the system logic into microservices, where they practiced designing interactions between them, as well as gained knowledge on how to introduce them in the legacy system area.  

The second meeting concerned the object-oriented domain model in business applications and the trainer explained what is the Domain-Driven Design according to Eric Evans, the participants practiced techniques of programming and model evaluation.  

The third and last day of the course covered the subject of modular monolith architecture and focused on programming this module and integration with other modules of the system. The gained knowledge was aimed at enabling the design of better microservices.  

The key aspect of the entire project is the fact that 100% of the profits from this course will be donated to the Children's Home in Oborniki Śląskie! We also want to thank the trainer Michał Michaluk for his personal support. 

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