New training in microservices architecture for VM.PL employees

/ 04.12.2020 News

Providing dedicated modern solutions lies deep in our company's DNA. Since 2016, we have been trying to be a leader in the industry, which provides its customers with full support in processes that allow them to be modern and competitive. At VM.PL, even in times of pandemic, we gain new projects to implement, which motivate us to operate, but above all to continuous education. We know this very well with the example of the German language, we also know it in the case of technology and programming languages.

This month, VM.PL held a dedicated 3-day training, which was organised by Bottega company at the invitation of our employees. Moving mainly around Java, the participants broadened their knowledge of, among other things, patterns and antipatterns in microservices architecture, fault tolerance and resilience, quality assurance of dispersed systems and refactoring from distributed monolith to "real" microservices.

We implement our services, such as the Tech-Stack Update, Continous Integration and Continuous Deployment and many others, with the aid of nobody other than with the help of partners such as our employees. We guarantee the highest quality to our customers because we employ the best specialists. However, they cannot simply be invited to work. We also need to make sure that they keep developing and are ready to propose ideal solutions tailored to the challenges they face in projects.

The training took place remotely using the Microsoft Teams platform, and as many as 9 of our developers took part in it. VM.PL covered the entire cost of the training and partially the time spent by the employees. We are glad that there were so many people willing to participate, which only proves even more the thesis that in order to offer the best quality services, it is necessary to constantly acquire knowledge.

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Jakub Orczyk

Member of the Management Board/ Sales Director VM.PL

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