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/ 11.02.2019 News

The German language is playing an increasingly important role in the job market in Poland and in business. It is particularly visible in Wroclaw where every year there are more companies with German capital and those cooperating with our western neighbors. We are a perfect example – last year, up to 80% of our revenue came from German customers.

We know from experience that people who can speak German are extremely valued and sought in every industry, especially in IT. Our employees have been able to attend language classes in our office for several years. We have now decided to go out with such an initiative outside by organizing open German courses, addressed to all IT specialists.

The first attempt to fill the groups was a success and on February 12 we started the classes on two levels: B1 and B2.

Our courses are run by a native speaker and are primarily focused on the practical aspect – improving communication and learning industry vocabulary. For the convenience of our participants, classes take place twice a week in the evening.

So far, we've received very positive reviews. In a few months we plan to launch another round of enrolment. We are now encouraging everyone to participate. This is an excellent opportunity to improve your language skills and thus increase your value on the job market. We will keep you updated on our website and social media profiles on the formation of new groups.

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