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Supporting 5G – software for manufacturing processes management

/ 14.01.2020 News

Recently we began work on a completely new project for a client of Systema – Art of Automation located in Dresden, Germany. Systema’s client is manufacturing a new generation of Radio Frequency Front End (RFFE) filtering solutions for its 5G portfolio that will further enable OEM customers to design thin, high-performance, battery-efficient 5G multimode devices at scale and on time.

Our partner from Dresden is one of the leading providers of engineering, operational and supply chain services. Their core business is supporting customers in integrating, automating, optimizing and visualizing production environments.

Our qualified developers are working (together with the team based in Dresden and Regensburg) on production process management software for the manufacturing of semiconductor devices. The main goal of the project is to automate the production line: device integration, production process control, and material management.

The project is long-term; the expected duration is up to 5 years. The new software is intended to help in complex production management. During its development we will be using a large number of technologies such as: Java, .NET, SAP, MS SQL, Angular and message-oriented middleware.

Despite the fact that the project has been running for a relatively short time, the cooperation is going very well and the whole process is moving forward dynamically. We are very satisfied with the initial effects!

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