VM.PL among the winners of one of the most prestigious business awards – Forbes Diamonds 2023

/ 09.07.2023 Business

We are proud that VM.PL Software House is among the winners of one of the most prestigious business awards – Forbes Diamonds 2023! Forbes magazine created a ranking that identifies companies with positive credibility ratings and the most dynamic growth of their value in the past 3 years. The ranking is based on a Swiss valuation method of the company’s value that combines the value of know-how and investments, where the companies are being recognized based on their sales levels, net income, the value of fixed assets, or their level of investments. VM.PL is 51st on the regional list and on 621st in the general classification for companies with revenue from 5 to 50 million PLN. We are proud to say that the past three years brought us such good results. Since 2020 our revenue has grown by 255%, from € 3 317 505 in 2020 to € 8 489 588 in 2022. It is also worth mentioning that in the last 6 years, since we have decided to focus on supporting German-speaking clients with software development services, our revenue grew by 1869%! Now, companies based in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland make up 95% of our projects. Such expansion also resulted in an increased number of employees and in 2022 we reached 200 people onboard! The award ceremony took place on June 6 at the Haston Hotel, where the Lower Silesian and Opolskie Voivodeship winners met. VM.PL was represented by two board members – our CEO Łukasz Borzęcki and Chief Legal Waldemar Żygadło. We are incredibly proud and happy that Forbes recognized our efforts to develop the brand of a trustworthy business partner. It would not be possible without all of those who contributed to the success – our great employees and business partners. Thank you once again!
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