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VM.PL Expands Horizons: Launching into the US market 

/ 21.06.2024 News

Did you know that according to Statista, the most revenue in the software development market will be generated in the United States (US$353.50 billion in 2024)? We understand how much software development has grown and want to be part of this process. So, for the last few months, we’ve been working with American companies.

After many years of growth and success in Europe, it’s time to take on new challenges. We will explore the opportunities offered by the US market. We’re excited to announce our growing plans to help us connect with more customers and business partners worldwide. 

Building solid relationships in the United States 

We build lasting customer relationships by meeting our American partners personally. These meetings help us understand their needs and expectations, introduce them to our latest technology solutions and services, and tailor our offers to the American market’s requirements. This contributes to strengthening cooperation and achieving joint successes. 

Cooperation with SHOPGRID® 

We are happy to announce that we have started working with one of our American clients, the SHOPGRID® development team. They offer a platform for manufacturing operations, making equipment and processes more uniform and standardized. 

We’re honored to partner with SHOPGRID®.  This partnership shows our Industry 4.0 software services are valued in the US market. Together, we’re creating software that helps clients run their systems efficiently. We’re confident this partnership will benefit both VM.pl and SHOPGRID® and lead to exciting new opportunities for growth. 

Membership in the US IT Association   

Our next US market expansion step was joining the Minnesota Technology Association. This prestigious association gives VM.pl access to industry trends and innovations. These are technology companies with top technology professionals. We’ve partnered with top IT firms and participated in key events to enhance our services and align them with the specific requirements of the American market. 

VM.pl always focuses on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our mission is to provide top-notch technology solutions that help our customers succeed in their fields. Expanding into the US market is a natural step in our development, allowing us to fulfill our mission even better and deliver cutting-edge solutions globally.   

What’s next? 

We’re excited about the new opportunities and look forward to growing our business in the US market. We are grateful to our customers for their trust and support. Thanks to you, we can continue to grow and achieve new successes! 

If you want to learn more about the projects we’ve done for the industry, we invite you to look at our portfolio. Join us on the journey – and let the successes keep on coming! 

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