We have been rated 5.0 for software quality by ergosoft

/ 16.06.2023 News

About the customer 

Mannheim-based ergosoft has been developing software solutions for psychotherapy practices for 24 years. Their products facilitate the work of thousands of psychotherapists and institutions across Germany.

How did we help the client achieve high software quality?

The VM.PL team was primarily hired by the client to expand development opportunities and close the gap in technological skills and programming languages. The client chose to work with us for several reasons:
  • location – our office is in close proximity to the client’s headquarters
  • the cultural fit between our companies 
  • good value for money 
  • shared values – mutual understanding and common goals
The task we were given was to transform the software technology of the client’s core product, including code refactoring. In the process, we were also tasked with making the necessary changes to modernise the application in terms of UX. The customised design became more user-friendly. More details on the course of the project are described in the case study.

The aspects of collaboration 

‘From the beginning, the developers at VM.PL, as well as the project managers, were able to convince us of their flexibility. We always had an overview of costs and timelines. Deadlines were always met.’ Four aspects of our cooperation with the client are assessed: timelinesqualitycosts and the Net Promoter Score, or NPS. Here the customer declares how likely they are to recommend our company and services. We received a minimum of four points in each of these categories, which is an excellent score. At the same time, we know what to work on to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied during the next cooperation opportunity. We are glad that the customer expressed their appreciation for the quality of our services and solutions by awarding us the maximum number of points. According to ergosoft, the culture of our organisation, which manifests itself in openness and respect for every employee, as well as the international nature of the cooperation, deserves special mention. ‘In addition to their technological capabilities, we were impressed by the open corporate culture and internationality.’ We also know that the customer is happy to recommend us to others! This is particularly important to us, as positive feedback and a high NPS mean more opportunities to undertake further collaborations and support customers.

What our clients say about us 

The satisfaction of customers who have entrusted their projects to us is very important to our operations and drives us to action. We are happy that the cooperation with ergosoft is going so well and meets the expectations of the company. We are constantly working to design and develop the best possible software. Thank you for taking the time to write a review and give us a rating – your feedback is very valuable to us! In addition to the feedback on Clutch, ergosoft also agreed to tell us about our collaboration in a short video. We encourage you to watch it!
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