What do the customers say about cooperating with us?

/ 16.01.2023 Business

The customers’ frank opinions about cooperation are a valuable source of information. By listening to them, we can accurately define our stronger and weaker points, draw conclusions and, most importantly, continuously improve the quality of our services.  This way, the customers we support are satisfied and their businesses grow as planned.

A while ago, we had an opportunity to personally ask our customers about their opinions. What are their impressions and what do they think about our cooperation? When visiting our office in Wroclaw, representatives of two companies – ergosoft and LucaNET shared their observations with us. They explained what dictated their decisions to choose VM.PL for cooperation on their projects. They also talked about what made them consider VM.PL a good business partner in the long-term perspective.


“We were also in touch with companies on the German market. But from the very beginning it felt different than with VM.PL. It did not involve fear and pressure. VM.PL had a great understanding of what we did and didn’t want. And, obviously, the language was very important for us. Because both for the Sales people and for programmers, German was the language of communication for us. This was one of the decisive points.”
Fabian Gundlach, ergosoft

“From the first minutes, you, VM.PL, were outstanding in terms of quality requirements, communication, selection of candidates and thinking together with the customer.”
Alexander Domene, LucaNet


Our customers pointed out several fields and features which made us stand out from the competition and allowed them to trust us.

  • Excellent language skills – at VM.PM, we communicate in our customers’ native tongue (i.e. German) at every stage of our cooperation. As much as 74% of our employees know German at the B1—C1 level
  • High quality of services and reliable project completion – we attach great weight to finishing every project on time and on achieving the goals specified at the beginning of cooperation.
  • A trustworthy business partner – we value transparency of operations and constant contact with our partners. This lets us fit our solutions to our customers’ needs in the best way possible. We also foster long-term relations – some of our customers have been working with us for more than 10 years!
  • Supporting business growth – supporting our customers in expanding their operations and achieving their goals – that’s our mission! This is why we provide teams of qualified, experienced specialists and propose new solutions which streamline the current operations.


“Thanks to the experience gained from the first, very small project and the second, slightly larger one, we knew that the development efficiency works, that the work is reliable and that communication is excellent. There was no question of whether to continue or not.” 
Fabian Gundlach, ergosoft

“We see VM.PL as our strategic partner in terms of cooperation, particularly building a nearshore team.”
Alexander Domene, LucaNet


We believe that customer satisfaction is one of the greatest accolades a company can receive. Positive feedback also confirms that our services are high-quality. Moreover, our customers’ recommendations motivate us to act! We make every effort to maintain the high level of cooperation and always take a step further in supporting our customers.

Visit our YouTube channel to see our customers express their opinions: https://youtu.be/bUs6dj2-O4s

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