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Working with development teams in 2023 – how customers rate us in NPS survey.

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In what manner should we assess the quality of the services provided? In our opinion, it is worthwhile to consistently request feedback directly from customers, as they are the primary recipients and can most fully articulate their reflections and opinions. 

What is NPS survey? 

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a result expressed on a scale from 0 to 10 in response to a question posed in the NPS survey, asking whether the respondent would recommend the services of a given company. It serves as a platform for customers to express their opinions, enabling companies to discern what actions they should take to further enhance customer satisfaction in the future. 

How to calculate Net Promoter Score? 

Responses to questions in the NPS survey are given on a scale from 0 to 10, where positive ratings (9-10), neutral ratings (7-8), and negative ratings (0-6) are distinguished. The NPS score is calculated as follows – the number of individual positive, neutral, and negative ratings are summed. Subsequently, the total number of responses is added up to calculate the percentage of positive and negative responses. In the final step, the percentage points of negative ratings are subtracted from positive ratings. In our case, we received 16 positive ratings, 1 neutral rating, and 0 negative ratings, resulting in a very high NPS score of 94. We take great pride in these NPS results. 

Our NPS survey questions 

At VM, we are preparing NPS survey in which, in addition to the question about recommending collaboration with us, we pose key questions regarding the factors influencing the decision to initiate collaboration with us, what determines the ongoing partnership, and whether there are any areas for improvement. We have received responses from 17 clients, including 15 clients from the German-speaking region. In a brief manner, we would like to share the NPS results. 

What do customers appreciate about working with VM.PL – measuring customer satisfaction. 

When asked about the factors influencing their choice of our services, our clients emphasized primarily the competence of our developers and the professionalism of our services. Repeatedly highlighted were values such as integrity and honesty, open communication, the responsibility of specialists for the quality of services offered, and a sense of accountability for the services provided when collaborating with VM.PL. 

The choice of our services was also influenced by the knowledge of the German language and geographical proximity, allowing for in-person meetings when necessary. In practice, several times a year, our development teams travel to clients, and client teams visit us. This approach ensures strong relationships and a constant focus on the clients’ business goals, adjusting to any updates or changes in their environment. Thanks to the language skills of our developers and most other staff, the communication barrier disappears, and we can communicate effortlessly in the client’s native language. 

Respondents also appreciated the fact that problems are solved collaboratively – both at the team and management levels. This doesn’t happen by chance – our management consists of highly committed individuals dedicated to the goals set by themselves and the company, but above all, they prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of our clients. 

In their evaluations, our clients also highlighted the speed of response and a flexible approach. It’s worth noting that each client, in addition to the development team, is assigned a Customer Success Manager who ensures proper communication and the achievement of the client’s business goals. More information about the role and its contributions to collaboration can be found in our article: How does a Customer Success Manager effectively achieve IT project goals?

High-quality collaboration with top-class developers 

We are pleased that clients who have been with us for years continue their collaboration, indicating a sense of security and seamless cooperation in their responses. They also highlighted the professionalism of our programmers, their contribution of excellent ideas and solutions, as well as their fluency in understanding client processes. It’s true that our developer recruitment processes are not the easiest – this helps us attract true talents. We ensure that such talents stay with us for the long term, as evidenced by the very low employee turnover rate in our company. This allows for a prolonged commitment of developers to a project if both parties are satisfied with the collaboration. 

Use NPS survey to grow better 

What were the opinions regarding what we should change to make collaboration with us even better? “Collaboration is at the highest level”; “I wouldn’t change anything, I would maintain the collaboration at this level”; “Let everything stay as it is” – we are extremely pleased to hear such feedback! This reinforces our belief that our business model is effective and that we understand the needs of our clients. The results of the NPS survey allow us to analyze our strengths, guiding us in the direction we should further develop. Certainly, this motivates us to offer services at the highest level, continuously improve, and uphold good business values. 

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