Zusammenfassung 2020

Summary of 2020

/ 08.06.2021 News

The year 2020, due to a pandemic, placed all of us in an unusual and difficult situation, which all of us had to get used to. We continued selling our products and services without interruption. We were also active on the market and took part in many events where we shared our technical knowledge. Very high in VM.PL hierarchy of values is the satisfaction of our employees. We care about a low rotation rate and are pleased that our present employees stay with us for years, which is confirmed by the fact that out of 80 people who worked for us in 2020 only 4 have left. At the same time the number of new employees is growing constantly – last year we hired 30 people. In the last four years we have achieved 837% growth – from 1.8 million in 2016 to 16 million in 2020! We continue to maintain a very high Net Promoter Score (customer loyalty indicator) at 64. We have expanded our presence in DACH countries and gained access to numerous associations in this region… all the way to our sales director  – Jakub Orczyk becoming an ITC representative. Last year, we continued our technical and language teaching – 50 people took German classes (at various levels), more than twice as in the last year. We put emphasis on foreign languages, because we believe that the freedom to communicate with our partners is an important factor in achieving success. Within VM.PL Academy we want to share knowledge and teach proficiency on the labor market – both employees and potential candidates. In October we were a partner of CodersCamp’s webinar about the beginnings of a career in IT and answering the question why there is no single recipe for success. We were the main sponsor and mentors in the Best Hacks hackathon organized at the Wrocław University of Technology, and I had the opportunity to sit in the jury and choose the best project. I would like VM.PL experience to be a source of the best solutions for customers and to show the right paths of development for young developers. Before our meetings took the form of meetups, we organized lighting talks on topics such as test driven development or faith driven development. The meetups that took place within VM.PL Consulting had the following topics: Necessity is the mother of invention – Camtronome, my afterhouse project and How agile helped us grow – visit our YT channel where you can watch all recordings. Within VM.PL Consulting, we have also been involved in numerous events and appeared in various roles – as sponsors, organizers, partners, speakers, or on the jury. We are glad that our clients trusted us and included us in discussions regarding their company’s technology strategy. We had the opportunity to work with them on their product development in the areas of UX/UI, Tech upgrade, DevOps, Test Automation and Security. These are very important aspects to consider when developing a product and planning for its long term activity in the market. We have also helped our clients modify their development process by introducing Agile practices including CI/CD production automation. Despite the pandemic, the year 2020 has not stopped our activities, we continue to focus on expanding cooperation, development and involvement in the market. We have many plans for the next year and are ready for new challenges.
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Jakub Orczyk

Member of the Management Board/ Sales Director VM.PL

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